As the head of a skilled nursing facility, you’re well aware that pressure injuries threaten more than your patients’ health. They threaten your facility itself.

You’ve put in due diligence. Your nurses receive training in pressure ulcer prevention. Your facility follows best practices.

But pressure injuries still surface.

True: they may be the edge cases; they may be special populations; they may be injuries in less common locations.

Nevertheless, they still scare patients’ families, are expensive to treat, and put your facility under threat of slashed funding.

It’s possible to eliminate these more insidious pressure injuries, but an advanced approach is needed.

Get advanced, evidence-based guidance and training from the world’s leading authorities on pressure injury prevention. The EHP team is comprised of current and former heads of the NPUAP and EPUAP, authors of the Clinical Practice Guidelines on Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers, PhDs in Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering as well as PhDs specializing in facility implementation and training.

Let their combined expertise create advanced training tailored to your staff, your resident populations, and the conditions on the ground at your facility.  Up-to-the-minute scientific knowledge, packaged expressly for your facility’s day-to-day reality.

You CAN prevent more pressure injuries. Advance with the EHP experts… and stay ahead of the pack.